Friday, August 22, 2008

Papaji was no more..............the news was communicated all through via telephone....We made several calls to our relatives, near and dear ones informing them of the fate of Papaji.........who came all the way from India to die in US. US, they say, is land of dreams, I could not agree to that.

I was busy making calls and calming dowm mummy and chuttoo was busy making calls for the treatment of the deadbody. Collecting nos of the crematoriums from the hospital, ringing them up, finding exact locations etc etc....and then the priest....and his friends started gathering around the room just within 20-25 minutes, it was Saturday, so they must have been relatively freee...Jennifer asked me who are they, first i said my brother's friends and then I corrected myself and told her, they are all my brothers, she was amused on this. May be this was an unusual sight for her to see so many people (around 30)with a deadbody.

The task of taking the body from the hospital to the funeral home was taken up by the 'Mayers Funeral Home, Atlanta' They arrived in a vehicle at around 4 PM, I washed the body and they wrapped it, it was brought down by a lift, they carried the body to the funeral home, we followed them in our vehicle, they put the body in a room and told us to come the next day for the rituals and they were suppose to provide a room for us, where we could perform the last rituals according to the Hindu culture. After leaving the body in the funeral home, we reached back home..... empty handed.... Skand was repeatedly told, BABA is in the hospital......... It was a terrible night for all of us...there at Atlanta and must have been so at our hometown in Bareilly as well....

Thursday, July 31, 2008

It was around 12 noon of 26th July, I posted an entry on this blog. I chatted with Bholu and mentioned that I am looking at my father who is struggling with life.... Chuttoo was going home to freshen up, I asked mummy also to go, but she was not willing to go but I insisted that it would be better if she takes bath etc and comes back to the hospital freshed up. She agreed to accompany chuttoo. I was alone in the hospital Room no 770 with Papaji. Chuttoo's friend Prasad visited the hospital, we talked and he told me that he met papaji when they reahed Atlanta. He went back after some time. I touched papaji's forehead, it was warm, so I thought of putting wet cloth there and kept putting it. He was breathing slowly, his eyes were wide open. I tried to give him rest by closing his eyes but he was able to move them back and kept them open. His breathing further slowed down. I looked around for Jennifer, she wasnt in her room, I came back to the room and stood beside papaji and kept my left hand on his forehead. Just after a minute or two I raalised there is no breathing.....I called Chuttoo, left a voice mail on his phone, called another no and asked him to reach hospital immediately, called Jennifer and she said,,,,,,,HE IS NO MORE.......
Chuttoo, mummy and ritu came after around 10 minutes and witnessed. A life had been taken away. We all burst......................made several phone calls, everywhere informing them about this ....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I reached Atlanta on 23rd evening at 6:30 pm (local time)from New York by Delta flight. I was very anxious to meet my father who suffered a brain stroke on 12th of this month while he was with chuttoo (my yougest brother).
After looking to his critical position in the hospital (WellStar Kennestone Hospital) while he was in ICU, I was speechless, I never thought of meeting him in this position, he was struggling with himself. He recognized me, blinked his eyes, cried, without making any sound, moved his eyeballs, left to right, right to left. The nurses have been nice, keeping him comfortable and taking proper care. Mummy was all in tears.
We dont know the future. What is going to happen in the next moment, no one can predict. We never dreamt of this condition, situation. Life has it all, we experience ups and downs all through life. It provides us with great learning experiences, every moment we live, we need to live thinking that tomorrow is the last day of my life....Let me not make anyone unhappy, let me help others, let me learn new things because i might require it wherever I go (after death). let me experience every bit of life and live every bit lively and with positive thinking without expectations.
Papaji has lived life in his own way, never being selfish, have always been pious and honest in his thinking and actions, and now he is breathing his last....What a time...........we have been told he wont survive, doctors have asked us to take him home, put him in hospice care or else keep him here.....Me, Chuttoo and mummy are all looking at him struggling, nurses keep coming asking us if we require anything. There was a nurse, she cried with us, she was telling, Your father is lucky to have family like yours, we told her, we are lucky to have him as father.....I would never ever forget this in my life. I am really lucky that I am with him at his moment of life. Though we all know the truth of life ie Death, however we keep trying running away from this...
Another guy named Charles, who takes care of Hospice care of WellStar was talking to me, telling me about the great Work Ethic indians portray here in US, he was saying Americans had a great work ethic long back and now they have lost it. I really dont know much about it....
What is going to happen next......Dont know......
Papaji was very excited about his US trip, many people our relatives and friends at Bareilly met Mummy and papa ji at bareilly before their departure from BAreilly. Bhaiya (our eldest brother) was there in bareilly, Kaku (my younger brother) came from Lucknow to see them off from bareilly. I could not make it to Bareilly, though baby (my wife) kept saying we should go to bareilly and see them off....Somehow we were not able to get ticketes when I checked and I did not put it in my priority either, otherwise I might have planned it out before. I never thought I would meet them in US and that tooooo in this situation...

When I was packing up while in shillong to come to US, Ritu and chuttoo told me to carry GangaJal,,,,I brought it in two plastic bottles, one very small eye drop bottle and another 200 ml bisleri bottle. At delhi airport I was asked to reduce take it out nd through half of it, i did it. While at New York they again stopped it, asked me to take it out and told me I wont be allowed to carry it, it is not allowed, any liquid substance can not be taken. I pleaded the cause and requested, the security supervisor was nice to me....Allowed it and told me next time I should not do it....I wish there is no next time for this.
When we cant control things we need to accept them as they are.

Who has seen our tomorrow, i mean the next moment of our life...lets us do our best to live life better both in terms of quality and size....

Friday, April 18, 2008

The era of globalization, privatization and liberalization has
witnessed drastic change in education, educational institutions and
education systems. As economy is unfolding opportunities year after
year, management education is experiencing a boom in its growth
horizontally. Last 60 years of commerce education has somehow
provided a ground for development of management and other ancillary
subjects. Management, accounting, finance, banking, transport, trade,
insurance are some such areas which surround commerce. They have
developed their own territory in isolation with commerce as a broader
umbrella. However, management and finance have been there in
different shapes and a lot of literature has been created in these
areas. These practicing subjects have sounded the practitioners a
noise of dissonance and developed their syllabi as competing
subjects. This has resulted in deterioration of commerce education in
The rat-race of responding to market forces by different academic
subjects and disciplines has also resulted in the shift of the content
more towards practice than theory and job orientation. It has
necessitated a debate whether the sole objective of education is to
teach job oriented courses, design the syllabi to suit market needs or
to develop commerce as a discipline. We have lost on developing new
knowledge in commerce and even in our market orientation. The process
of knowledge creation in commerce has added more things on responding
to market needs rather than developing sound theory bases. There have
been initiatives at university level in different states to consider
commerce as a discipline; however these initiatives have not been
replicated in other states and universities. There has been a shift
of commerce teachers towards management and other ancillary subjects
which has been a loss to the development of commerce as a

With the above background let us discuss threadbare on the following

• Whether revival of commerce education in India is necessary?
• Whether Commerce is management?
• Whether commerce is economics?
• What makes Commerce as a viable discipline?

It is also required in this continuity to find out:

• Various important components of commerce education
• Various research areas to be initiated

There could be many more issues which are required to be addressed in
the present time to develop commerce as a discipline. In this process
the first step would be to brainstorm on the existing commerce
curricula and then to come out with proposed course of studies. There
could be another way to look at it: first to identify what should be
taught at undergraduate as well as postgraduate level and then to see
whether the present syllabi suit it or not. There could be many more
ways to address this. Lets us explore this and deliberate freely for
the cause of our breadearner….. ie COMMERCE…

lets brainstorm....

vijay k shrotryia, nehu, shillong