Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Takeaways of the 66th annual conference of ICA held at Bangalore (4-7 Dec 2013)

Having attended the conference at Bangalore, I would like to mention some of the takeaways which are purely based on my personal observation. Hence I would love to have your disagreements as well as agreements (if any).

a. Excellent inaugural address (by Sri Hansraj Bharadwaj) as well as valedictory address (by Sri Veerapa Moily). I am going to cherish the memories of it for many years. I have no hesitation in saying that both were some of the best ever addresses I have ever attended. Congratulations for the organizers to have chosen these great personalities.

b. Excellent cultural program by the professional dancers. It provided great relaxation after the hectic day. Thanx a lot organizers.

c. Good arrangements for stay of the delegates. I did not hear anything negative about it, though some of the research scholars and young faculty members were complaining about the stay on 7th night, but somehow that was arranged by the organizers. As for my personal experience, though it was little embarrassing but no complain about it, I do understand the challenge of arranging suitable accommodation for so many delegates. Congratulations for the organizers for this.

d. Young research scholars and faculty members read some good papers but still if I look at it holistically, in last 7-8 years the standard is going down. It is a challenge ICA has to face and deal with.

e. I came across some of the great politicians (in negative terms). I had heard earlier that teachers make good politicians. It was fully validated. Who can beat teachers in that. It is sad for the ICA which stands for the cause of commerce education and its seamless growth.

f. It was an excellent opportunity for networking, among teachers of commerce and management. I-invite-you, you-invite-me (IIUYIM) was heard, felt and observed everywhere. In fact I seem to feel that it is more a platform for IIUYIM than anything else. And at that full marks to everybody who gathered there.

g. Ever since we started having elections (democratising the decisions), it is seen that from the very first day the members start canvassing, and reach that low which at times calls for serious concern, specially for us teachers. Though higher number of delegates adds to the success of the conference, however bringing along the voters and spreading a word through them for voting somehow questions the integrity of the individuals as well as sanctity of the association.

h. Organisers need to be appreciated for their tireless efforts but somehow if possible we need to shift our attention to the quality presentations and publication and I dream one day someone purely from commerce discipline (may be from commerce department of college/university) bags Manubhai Shah Memorial Award.

i. All is well that ends well....