Friday, April 18, 2008

The era of globalization, privatization and liberalization has
witnessed drastic change in education, educational institutions and
education systems. As economy is unfolding opportunities year after
year, management education is experiencing a boom in its growth
horizontally. Last 60 years of commerce education has somehow
provided a ground for development of management and other ancillary
subjects. Management, accounting, finance, banking, transport, trade,
insurance are some such areas which surround commerce. They have
developed their own territory in isolation with commerce as a broader
umbrella. However, management and finance have been there in
different shapes and a lot of literature has been created in these
areas. These practicing subjects have sounded the practitioners a
noise of dissonance and developed their syllabi as competing
subjects. This has resulted in deterioration of commerce education in
The rat-race of responding to market forces by different academic
subjects and disciplines has also resulted in the shift of the content
more towards practice than theory and job orientation. It has
necessitated a debate whether the sole objective of education is to
teach job oriented courses, design the syllabi to suit market needs or
to develop commerce as a discipline. We have lost on developing new
knowledge in commerce and even in our market orientation. The process
of knowledge creation in commerce has added more things on responding
to market needs rather than developing sound theory bases. There have
been initiatives at university level in different states to consider
commerce as a discipline; however these initiatives have not been
replicated in other states and universities. There has been a shift
of commerce teachers towards management and other ancillary subjects
which has been a loss to the development of commerce as a

With the above background let us discuss threadbare on the following

• Whether revival of commerce education in India is necessary?
• Whether Commerce is management?
• Whether commerce is economics?
• What makes Commerce as a viable discipline?

It is also required in this continuity to find out:

• Various important components of commerce education
• Various research areas to be initiated

There could be many more issues which are required to be addressed in
the present time to develop commerce as a discipline. In this process
the first step would be to brainstorm on the existing commerce
curricula and then to come out with proposed course of studies. There
could be another way to look at it: first to identify what should be
taught at undergraduate as well as postgraduate level and then to see
whether the present syllabi suit it or not. There could be many more
ways to address this. Lets us explore this and deliberate freely for
the cause of our breadearner….. ie COMMERCE…

lets brainstorm....

vijay k shrotryia, nehu, shillong