Friday, June 11, 2010

Decision on Bhopal Tragedy

I learn that the culprit, Anderson (then chief of United Carbide) who was put behind bars on non-bailable offence, was provided a smooth passage to move to America by the then government officials.  Both at the centre and the state (MP), congress was ruling.  As things are getting open like the peel of the onion, it is exposing many of the politicians of their intention, integrity and inconsistency. 
These politicians when murdered or attacked by their own people (may be body guards or others), the nation cries, it becomes a national grief, but may be these attackers know their master better than the common mass.  We should not complain.  We get what we deserve, they get what they deserve...

Current Census

There has been a debate on the caste/religion/ethnicity based census.  There have been points and counterpoints.  My view is that the census should be of the human beings not of anyone else.  My belonging to a caste is immaterial if I remain a good human being.