Monday, September 21, 2009

Earthquake in Bhutan

The earthquake today at around 2:30 pm (IST) was quite an experience which shaked the northeastern part of India. It was holiday because of Eid, so all of us were having a nap after the lunch, suddenly we felt as if the bed is shaking, or else just as if someone is there under our bed, but then we realised it was an EARTHQUAKE, after a while again another attach hit and we jumped out of the bed. In the evening while watching TV we learnt that it has its epicentre at Thimphu, however when it was being reported by different channels that it was near Guwahati, I was guessing it must be the eastern part of Bhutan and later learnt from internet sources that yes it was in the eastern side of Bhutan.
I think I never experienced such a strong Quake (6.3 on the richter scale). It has harmed some houses and lives in Bhutan, my condolences for all my bhutanese friends. May Guru Rinpoche give them strength...