Friday, August 22, 2008

Papaji was no more..............the news was communicated all through via telephone....We made several calls to our relatives, near and dear ones informing them of the fate of Papaji.........who came all the way from India to die in US. US, they say, is land of dreams, I could not agree to that.

I was busy making calls and calming dowm mummy and chuttoo was busy making calls for the treatment of the deadbody. Collecting nos of the crematoriums from the hospital, ringing them up, finding exact locations etc etc....and then the priest....and his friends started gathering around the room just within 20-25 minutes, it was Saturday, so they must have been relatively freee...Jennifer asked me who are they, first i said my brother's friends and then I corrected myself and told her, they are all my brothers, she was amused on this. May be this was an unusual sight for her to see so many people (around 30)with a deadbody.

The task of taking the body from the hospital to the funeral home was taken up by the 'Mayers Funeral Home, Atlanta' They arrived in a vehicle at around 4 PM, I washed the body and they wrapped it, it was brought down by a lift, they carried the body to the funeral home, we followed them in our vehicle, they put the body in a room and told us to come the next day for the rituals and they were suppose to provide a room for us, where we could perform the last rituals according to the Hindu culture. After leaving the body in the funeral home, we reached back home..... empty handed.... Skand was repeatedly told, BABA is in the hospital......... It was a terrible night for all of us...there at Atlanta and must have been so at our hometown in Bareilly as well....