Thursday, May 06, 2010

26/11 and the decision on Kasab

It is just alive in my memory lane when I was in the hotel in Thimphu, Bhutan just reached back after the busy day of conference, wanted to see what Indian cricket team is doing... Instead learnt that Taj Hotel in Mumbai is hit by the terrorist attack, on the other side there were extremist's siege at Bangkok International Airport, Bangkok, the flights were cancelled, and our other friends who had come to Thimphu to attend the conference, had to spent a compulsory halt at Thimphu.  I started back the next day as scheduled, reached Gedugg, where I was to spend the night, the live telecast was still on as the terrorists were still continuing their spree at the Taj.  We watched it live on TV, kept discussing the issues involved, next day I reached Phuntsholing and met some old students, Sonam Dorji (RICB) and Ugyen Namgyel (Bhutan Lotteries) and Kundan/Chandan Negi (HGS alumni), kept talking about what was going on in Mumbai, watched live even in the restaurant where we had lunch.  Took train to Guwahati from New cooch behar, reached Guwahati and then to Shillong..... the massacre still continued, watched it live on TV.... It was the most tragic saga being telecasted.
The terror shooters were not knowing what they are doing, or they were knowing pretty well, what they are doing, they must be having their own justifications of their actions, but any action of such nature needed condemnation from my heart....
Kasab, being one such terrorist, is sentenced to death today....
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