Monday, January 08, 2007

I am posting on this blog after a long time. There are many issues on which I would like to express my concern.
1. Politisation of Nithari Village incident - The act as a whole is a shameful one. I do not want to get in details of the act as such, it is heinous and criminal to society and the accused does not deserve any leniency on the part of the court. What is shocking to me is that the political parties are busy designing strategies to derive a political mileage out of this. All major parties have visited the victims, criticised the government for worst law and order conditions, demanded that the compensation be raised, etc etc. It is all because elections are due in UP. Having all the sympathies with the family members of the victims, I wonder can it be compensated??? at all. The UP Govt announced Rs 2 Lac first, after that raised it to Rs 5 Lac and now the chief minister says, a plot of land would be given to the family members of the victims. It is shameful. I would like to put the following questions on this issue:
a. How a plot of land would get back the victims?
b. Does it not encourage a type of mentality amongst the people that they could sacrifice something/someone for the good of the rest of others?
c. In what way it is right on the part of the Govt financially (which is in shambles otherwise) to respond to the demands of the political parties in this fashion?
d. Would it have been the case if the elections were not due in UP?
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