Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hindi may be a language of masses but still when we talk of Hindi as a national language somewhere it has not got its due. And for this we can not just blame our politicians. We have been unable to create enough literature in hindi in various subjects of academic as well as professional importance. Knowledge creation has taken a backseat and hindi has just been a language of communication which is not enough. The Academy in general has to come forward to create and write in Hindi in the areas of importance be it, computer science, management, physics, chemistry, medicine, architecture, etc etc. When we are student, and we are looking forward for some higher level books there is almost no book available in Hindi, which influences our thinking process and we tend to think and write in the language of which we read literature. I hope we see some good books in the areas where not much has been written.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First time we have a president who does not 'belong' to any political party. However he might have his closer relationship with some parties or individuals which do not make him a political person. All the past presidents have had political lineage. This is one very important reason as well as opportunity for him to change the system in the long and sustaining interest of the nation and its citizens. It seems that he is not convinced of certain decisions of the parliament; hence he is returning the bill/s to them for reconsideration and for amendments. But the parliament returns as such to him and constitutionally he has to give his stamp. Let him stand on his own and change this system come what may. If he is convinced, he should resign and join hands for raising the voice of citizens. After all he is the First Citizen of India.